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Everyone is a fraud!

Everyone sees the world through a different lens. Think about it like the objective world is in front of you, but a sheet has been put up and you can only look through a peep hole. This peep hole is specific to you. You can't show someone your peephole. They have their own. You can write or make videos to show people how you see the world. Some people have bigger peepholes than others. These people have worked hard to not only see the world differently, but also understand their own brain, body, and its various limitations. You could say they have increased their field of consciousness. But remember. They are still looking at the world through a peephole. There is no absolute knowledge. There is no absolute truth. There is something called the pursuit of knowledge and truth. But remember knowledge and truth are not the same thing. It’s very difficult to define truth, let alone acquire it. Maybe it is impossible. However, the quest to acquire it is meaningful and worthwhile. The perspectives that various people take are limitless. We see it all around us. Those who use social media are especially susceptible to seeing new perspectives many of which are not aligned with their own. It is not worth trying to change people's opinions especially when they are so ingrained. It is also not productive, as you can't be sure that your opinion is right or true or whatever label you want to use.

The reason to make videos and write is not to change other people's opinions. It's to solidify what you believe. It helps you question your own beliefs and where you might be barking up the wrong tree. It’s also fun and keeps you from dwelling on things that are silly and unimportant. Don't worry if your writing style isn't great. It will improve the more you do it. But the act of thinking and writing and making videos is productive in itself. You might not get millions of subscribers or prizes, but you will become more articulate and concretize your own beliefs, so that if you engage in a discussion with someone, you are not scrambling for words or becoming unstuck. However once again I will say it’s best not to identify with your 'beliefs' too much, as you are only seeing the world through your peep hole.

I wrote a 100,000-word autobiography last year. It was the most valuable thing I ever did, as I was able to rationalize some of my behaviours that were causing me shame. I made it funny, so that I look at my life as a comedy rather than a tragedy and my shame went away. Shame is useful if you deal with it. It is useless if you don’t. Writing helps you deal with it and it eventually goes away, and you can live your life on a firmer ground.

No one knows what they are doing. Everyone is winging it. Don’t look at successful people with fear or envy. They are idiots just like you and me. Aspire to become special. Identify your value structure. Pay attention to things that interest you. Create things and don’t sweat the small stuff. Things will work out if you believe that they will and if you work hard towards a worthwhile goal. Failure will come. That is good. That is a chance to learn. Also don’t be afraid to pivot on your goals. Most ‘successful’ people are excellent at pivoting. This goes back to not identifying with things too strongly!

Relationships are important. Family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends. Being intimidated by the opposite sex is natural, but also fruitless. Become so self-assured that no one intimidates you. One way of doing this is by being curious. Meet people, ask questions, show real interest. This will separate you from 99% of people who think the world revolves around them. Its not hard to separate yourself from the herd. Pay attention, create, be curious, don’t think you are better than anyone, and work. I also recommend gratitude, exercise, a good diet, and the knowledge that love is the most powerful force on the planet but acquiring wisdom and ‘knowledge’ are tools to help you become a more energetic loving human. Study why Jesus has stood the test of time. Why do we still speak of his goodness 2000 years after his death?? He is by definition the perfect man. Put your prejudices at the door and just read about the way he behaved and aspire to be like him. If not Jesus, someone who you really look up to and respect. Fake it until you make it. You will never make it, but maybe your peephole might get bigger!

Life is complicated. Our brains are complicated, and all brains and bodies (the same thing btw) are different. Writing or creating won’t solve all your problems, but I believe it can help either a proportion of us or all of us. I don’t know of course.

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